It is probable that the building was built about 1804, when the old Bunratty Bridge was first completed. It was part of the Bunratty Castle Estate, which at different periods, belonged to the O’Brien, Amory Studdert & Russell families. It was used initially as a grain store & fronted on to Bunratty Fairgreen.


Lease of the building taken by Charles Bianconi (1786-1875), an Italian born businessman, who successfully set up a nationwide horse drawn coach network. Bunratty was a stop on the Limerick/Ennis route.


With the arrival of railways, Bianconi’s business declined, eventually ceasing completely & the coach stop building was again used as a grain store.


The premises was leased by Mr. Russell, the owner of Bunratty Castle, to The Bunratty Creamery Co-Op, the chairman being Rev. Fr. Wallace. The first manager was PJ Cahill.


The Russell Family renewed the lease to the co-op, John Leahy was appointed manager.


The building was converted to its present role by the Fitzpatrick Brothers, hence the name.


The Creamery was bought by Noel Ryan & David Lang.


The Creamery was purchased and rennovated by the Costello family.